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ON, the orthoregeneration network is an independent international foundation in the field of orthopedic tissue regeneration driving the development and understanding of new treatment strategies for the well-being of the patient.

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We are an independent nonprofit organization, our information is credible, our network is infinite, our impact powerful and our team is committed.


The ON Foundation was established in 2017 by family Geistlich, together with the company Geistlich Pharma and various like‐minded experts. The Geistlich family was always committed to scientific research, and promoted the development of new products and surgical techniques in close cooperation with researchers and clinicians. Extensive research and clinical testing of all innovations, as well as practice‐oriented training in clinical applications, has been a major focus of Geistlich Pharma since it entered the field of regeneration in the mid‐1980s.

Whereas the initiative, the idea and the initial funds for the

ON Foundation come from Geistlich, the board is fully independent and ensures the foundation’s autonomy.


We promote research and discovery in the field of orthopedic tissue regeneration including the use of biologic therapies to drive innovation and develop improved patient-centric treatment solutions.

We provide guidance, education and knowledge for surgeons to improve clinical practice within orthopedic tissue regeneration and biologic therapies.

We foster a network of young professionals, experts, societies, industry and decision makers to advance the field of orthopedic tissue regeneration. Collaboration is key to us.


The ON Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in October 2017 under Swiss law. The foundation is dedicated to advance the field of orthopedic tissue regeneration. Although the foundation aims at a global reach its initial efforts focus on Europe and North America. The founder is Geistlich Pharma AG and Andreas Geistlich.

The board consists of four full members plus two honorary members, a representative from the founder and the executive director without voting rights. Additionally, there is a so called expert team, a wider circle of orthoregeneration experts, who are actively supporting the initiatives of the ON Foundation. The office currently employs the executive director and a communications manager.

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We link young professionals and experts all over the world. Together we build a strong network and guarantee innovation and development.

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ON Foundation - Brian Cole
Brian Cole
ON Foundation - Matthias Steinwachs
Matthias Steinwachs
Vice President
ON Foundation - Norbert Passuti
Norbert Passuti
Member of the Board
ON Foundation - Joseph Lane
Joseph Lane
Member of the Board
ON Foundation - Roland Jakob
Roland Jakob
Honorary Member of the Board
ON Foundation - Myron Spector
Myron Spector
Honorary Member of the Board
ON Foundation - Paul Note
Paul Note
Member of the Board, Representative of the Founder
ON Foundation - Kay Horsch
Kay Horsch
Member of the Board, Executive Director
ON Foundation - Stefanie Holm
Stefanie Holm
Senior Manager, Deputy Executive Director
ON Foundation - Stefanie Burkhardt
Caroline Cinnanti

"There is a strong need for independent research and education in orthopedic tissue regeneration."
Dr. Norbert Passuti, Member of the Board